Friday, December 10, 2010

postheadericon Murder Has Been Made Legally And Socially Acceptable

Thousands, perhaps millions of defenseless children are being aborted each year. It has become socially and legally acceptable across the world to kill your own child without reason and many people are fighting for this, arguing that it is wrong to stop this mass murder that has seen more human beings killed than the holocaust.

Those in favor of this disgusting act believe in the right to choose whether to bring a child into the world after the baby has been created in the mother’s womb.
Across the world, the laws vary however abortion has widely been made available from the first week of the pregnancy, right up to full term. In some abortion clinics, the pregnant woman receives a saline injection to burn the baby alive, and then the mother has an induced labor which forces her to give birth to her child. Sometimes, the baby is still alive after this process however the doctors dispose of the young life via suffocation or discarding the baby into a trash can where it slowly dies. These babies have been known to live for many hours in tremendous pain before they die. After this, the babies are issued both a birth and a death certificate.
How is this acceptable when it is so obvious that it is wrong?
Saturday, December 4, 2010

postheadericon Abortion Survivor