Wednesday, August 11, 2010

postheadericon Evolution vs Creationism

Due to being entirely open about my faith, there are always people that consistently question me, in attempt to challenge my beliefs, trying to find some rational reasoning that leads to (in their opinion) indisputable verification that God does not exist.  This explicit waste of time is indeed a dim-witted attempt of disproving that of which simply cannot be disproved. On Earth, no human being has ever presented any form of evidence that can in the slightest, prove that God does not exist. An evolutionist may argue that there is “scientific proof” of a “Big Bang”, and because of this, many people will believe exactly what they are told without question. Someone in a white lab-suit that has multiple degrees to their name seems to dictate whatever they like in modern times, and even throw in some intellectual terminology to sweeten the deal. Society will freely accept what they are told because it saves them from accountability for their sins. They say that the scientific argument is more logical. Logic tells us that in a universe with the current rules of physics, it is impossible for something to come into existence randomly. Science has proven that the Earth came into existence, however evolutionists believe this was a random occasion. Christians agree with the science; however we believe that there was a cause and purpose. Christians are accused of believing in a fairytale creator; however I am sure that most sane people in this world would agree that something coming from nothing sounds more like a fairytale than someone creating something. If that statement isn’t convincing enough for you, then allow me to change the context. Which sounds more like a fairytale: A Lamborghini randomly appearing in your garage from nowhere, or a Lamborghini getting parked in your garage by somebody?