Saturday, September 4, 2010

postheadericon Are you a good Christian?

Believing in God is not about just physical feelings that allow you to express thoughts about the existence of a creator. To actually believe, you must seek a physical and real relationship with God. There seems to be two types of Christians today. A Christian that regrets sin and has a constant motive to live free of sin (this type of Christian tends to always seek forgiveness after acknowledging a sin). The other type is the Christian who believes in the existence of the creator however may not have taken the step of developing and maintaining a relationship with him.

A great issue of today is that there is an increasingly expanding group of Christians who know too well that “all who believes shall be saved” and take this for granted. They often think that this means they can sin without guilt. The truth is, they misunderstand the meaning of belief. The fundamental way to believe is to have a relationship with God, and to live life with an absolute motive in a way in which God intends us to live our lives. By doing this, others will observe and respond to in a positive manner; this will be encouraging for others to live like this too. This does not mean we need to be perfect in order  to get into Heaven, it simply means that we all need the intention to live good lives, we should not use the fact that we are not perfect as an excuse to not have any intention of trying to live like Christ. Belief is not about acknowledging the existence; however it is the way that we live our lives to show our acknowledgment of the existence of God.