Friday, March 11, 2011

postheadericon Don't worry, be happy!

Every person who you meet in life shares one single goal with you. Even though the concept of this goal seems simple, most people do not understand how to actually achieve it. This goal is happiness. This is much different to materialistic goals such as getting a job or buying a car. Those achievements are based on attaining something physical. Happiness is not physical, it is a state of being which allows you to reflect upon joyfulness.

I have a question for you: How would you describe the life of a happy person?
You probably can respond with a list on things, relationships or ideals which you do not have however would like to have. Alternitvly, you may imagine yourself without the common defects that burden you. If this is correct, you are being deceived by a common misconception. You have the mindset that if you remove your defects and achieve all your materialistic goals, then you will be happy. The problem with that mindset is, you will always have defects and you will always have materialistic goals. This may not seem like good news to you but please be assured that you have the capability of being the happiest person on this planet without changing a thing accept your mentality. Don't get me wrong, striving to change is a good thing and I encourage everyone to do it however, it is certainly not essential to being happy.

Let's take a look at the reason why you are not happy. If I had a thousand dollars at my disposal, I would calmly bet that your esteem is the issue. Esteem includes your self esteem as well as the way which others think of you. It is important to have good self esteem however everyone goes through periods in life of low self esteem.

The largest cause of low self esteem is appearance. Let me introdcuce some facts which I sincerely hope changes the way you think if you have a bad self image. 1) Most people believe that they are ugly. It is COMPLETLY normal. 2) Just about everyone is told by someone in their life that they are ugly. It usually takes dozens of positive compliments to repair the reduced self esteem this causes because people pay more attention to negative comments. 3) Confidence is more attractive than beauty. 4) Beauty does not result in happines.

People often ask "what is the seceret to happiness?" The seceret is appreciation. Next time you are hanging out with your friends or having dinner with your partener, take a moment to think about how good it is to have a relationship with that person. Think about all the good things you have and consider how lucky you are to be who you are. Stop thinking about how good it would be if...... Start thinking about the good rather than the bad. The only thing you need to change is your mindset.