Tuesday, June 8, 2010

postheadericon How can God exist if there is suffering in this world?

This question is probably the single largest hurdle for Christians. When an atheist asks this, usually the Christian will respond with some rational explanation that states that God has a special plan for all that suffer. This may well be true however, to an atheist it looks like another excuse.
It is fact that a perfect God does not interfere with the free will. This means that if we do evil, God will not decide to take control of our souls and lead us back to him.
Physics tell us that darkness does not actually exist. It is in fact an absence of light. Likewise, coldness is an absence of heat.
God created everything. He did not create evil, because evil does not exist. Evil is in fact a lack of love for God in our hearts.
Because God does not interfere with our free will, he does not force us to love him, we have the choice. Sin is a result of evil, and evil is a result of lacking love for God.  God is not responsible for evil.
Greed is evil, and greed is something that as humans we are sometimes tempted to portray. Most suffering in this word is due to our greed. There is enough food to feed everyone that exists however, our own greed means that people in developing countries have to suffer.
Before saying, “If God was real, he would stop all the suffering in Africa”, consider the fact the as humans, we have the power to stop this suffering. We got ourselves into this mess, and God is not just going to pull us out if we are not willing to do our part.
Suffering will continue for as long as Earth exists. Use it to remind you that we all NEED Gods salvation.