Monday, June 7, 2010

postheadericon Understanding the Impossible

There is only one God. God is the Father, God is the Son, and God is the Holy Spirit. The father, The Son and the Holy Spirit are all individual beings, they are all God, yet there is only ONE God.
If you are wondering how this is possible, then consider the fact that God is indeed perfect and therefore ANYTHING is possible for God. This fact is a common cause of people choosing not to believe in the existence of a creator. It is too hard for our minds to comprehend the slightest possibility of a God existing that is in some sense individual however made from three different beings. Consider this; all of a sudden, you embrace all the powers of God, and you decide to create a human being. You decide to give this human all the normal abilities of a normal person, except the ability to see the color red, nor to even have knowledge of its existence. You let this person live for many years and they feel completely normal without knowing of this color, then you say to the person, “Did you know there is another color in the spectrum. One that no-one has ever seen before”. The person will think you are crazy. They will say, “That’s impossible”. The reason they cannot believe you is because they can’t possibly get their mind around the possibility of this color that they have never seen or known existed. They can’t possibly imagine it; they may try to however all they will see is the colors that they already know. After they have decided that it is completely impossible, you show the person the color red. Suddenly, they have an understanding of the possibility of the existence of this color, and they believe. They can now also imagine this color (even if they never see it again.)
Now to our own knowledge, the Holy Trinity is completely impossible, however when we die, we will be with God, and he will show us the way it can be possible, and we will instantly understand and we will be able to imagine.
Some people believe that it is possible to travel through time by accelerating to a velocity greater than the speed of light. By going with the knowledge that anything is possible for God, we can say that if it is within Gods intention, then this will be certainly possible. Hypothetically, let’s assume that it is possible to travel back in time. For each partial measure of time, there will be an individual copy of the current existence, with individual parts for each possible variable. Basically, for each second that goes by, there will be the possibility to go back to a second beforehand therefore there would be a slot of time for each passing second that you can return to during time travel. (However, this can be rounded down to an infinite array of amounts that is less than one second.) Let’s assume that you have no particular part of time that you belong to, you are able to wonder between any moment of time that takes your fancy. This means that you exist; however, you don’t have any physical time of existence. This is a way that shows it is possible for God to exist, yet have neither beginning nor end.
Now imagine that you go back exactly ten minutes from now into the past, you then go to you past self, and say, “let us both go back in time together another five minutes”. You both do this and see your more distant self. Now you have three individual beings, yet one person.