Tuesday, July 27, 2010

postheadericon Abortion - It's not our right

In society, there are two main stands on the ethics of abortion. Pro-life, and pro-choice. Pro-life being completely against abortion no matter the circumstances and pro-choice being the belief that it should be the mothers right to choose whether to keep the child, or to kill it.

Murder is defined as; ‘the unlawful and intentional killing of another human being’. Logic tells us that abortion is murder. An abortion is completely intentional, and it is obviously killing, however many pro-abortionists argue that the child inside the womb is in fact not a human being.
Life begins at conception. From the moment that there is a union between a man and woman which causes fertilisation to occur, the living organism inside the woman is without a doubt, a human being. It is scientifically proven beyond doubt that the human embryo is biologically separate from its mother. After the sperm fertilizes the egg, an individual comes into existence. The embryo is genetically different to the mother. Humans can not conceive dogs or cats. The individual is defiantly human. Why should it be anyone’s right to determine whether an unborn child created by God should have a life or not. Some may argue that the mother should have this right however if that belief is followed, then we might as well say that our parents have the right to go back in time and choose to kill us before we were born. Of course, time travel is impossible; therefore we might as well make it easy for them, and allow our parents to have the right to kill us now. What is the difference?

Some may believe that it is better to kill a child then bring an unwanted or diseased/mutated child into the world. It may seem rational however regardless of the circumstances; no one has the right to make this choice. God created the child, however if something has gone terribly wrong in the pregnancy, God will still love the infant. We do not have any right to unlawfully kill a loved creation of God. If the mother and the father believe that they are not capable of raising the child, it is perfectly acceptable and moral put the child up for adoption.

A humanity that allows abortion is rejecting the most primary human right- the right of life.