Thursday, July 29, 2010

postheadericon Dating for dummies

There are plenty of fish in the ocean although; finding the one for you may be a difficult task. You are bound to meet many people in your life. Unfortunately, most will not be Christian. If you are single, chances are you are looking for a potential partner for marriage, this is a hard task in itself and because of this, many Christians tend to freely begin relationships with non-Christians. That alone is a dangerous move. Is it a sin to date a non-believer? Personally, I am not sure, however the Bible teaches us to stay away from things that lead us away from the Lord.

If you have an intimate relationship with someone, it is highly important to have shared beliefs. It is possible that a relationship can be somewhat successful with different beliefs however there are many situations throughout the relationship that might cause issues. For example, a Christian male marries a non-Christian female. They fall pregnant and they discover that they cannot financially support a child. The non-Christian wife can legally have an abortion without the consent of the Father. Abortion is without a doubt, immoral however the wife does not have the same Christian morals as the father. This certainly does not suggest that a non-believer cannot have similar moral values as a Christian; however, it is obvious that a non-believer has no faith to base their moral values on.