Monday, July 26, 2010

postheadericon The Mark of the Beast

Revelation 13:
All people were forced to put a mark on their right hand or forehead. Whether they were powerful or weak, rich or poor, free people or slaves, they all had to have his mark or else they couldn’t buy or sell anything. This mark stood for the name of the beast and for the number of its name. You need wisdom to understand the number of the beast! But if you are smart enough, you can figure this out. Its number is 666, and it stands for a person.
This extract from the Bible is one of the most read parts in modern times due to the tremendous relevance in the times that we live.
A human microchip implant is a device implanted in a human being containing a unique identification number that can be linked to an external database that contains personal identification, medical history and financial history. This microchip is typically implanted under the skin of the right hand. Studies have shown that in the future, it is extremely probable that all buying and selling will be done via the means of this chip; it will act as a scanable credit card which is permanently attached to the body. It would probably become impossible to buy or sell without it. 
The microchip is currently used by many people across the world. It is produced and distributed by a company called VeriChip Corporation.
It is believed by many Christians that this chip is in fact, the Mark of the Beast. In current times, It is understandable to assume that the world as we know it is surely  expected to end soon due to the clear evidence of prophecies throughout the Bible being fulfilled. The Bible says that during the end times, there will be earthquakes, pestilence and famines. There will be wars and rumors of wars. You may argue that there have been earthquakes for thousands of years; however, these statistics show a rapid increase:
The following statistics were taken from a national earthquake centre in the year of 2001. (All greater than or equal to 5.5 on the Richter Scale)

1800 – 1900 = 645 earthquakes in 100 years
1900 – 1994= 1845 earthquakes in 94 years
1994 – 2000 = 1163 earthquakes in 7 years
Matthew 24:14
And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness to all the nations, and then the end shall come.
This prophecy has been already fulfilled. The Bible has been translated into many languages, and due to the internet, television and radio, it can be communicated to anywhere in the world instantaneously.
It is defiantly evident that many biblical prophecies have occurred which supports all belief that we are in the end times. The microchip is certainly something that I WILL refuse to accept by ALL means.